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Valley Center of the Deaf recognizes that interpreters are our clients, too. As a result, we offer creative services and programs as a benefit to our interpreters. To explore opportunities in your region or elsewhere, contact us to create your account today.

Interpreter's Acceess

One of the most important points of contact in the interpreting process is you, the interpreter. That is why VCD has invested in developing a comfortable environment with useful tools to help you succeed. We truly believe in our mission statement where we emphasize positive long-term relationships.

Training Programs

Maintaining qualified staff is a priority of Valley Center of the Deaf. Skill training seminars are periodically offered for interpreters. These seminars are taught by experienced professionals and interpreter peers. This, coupled with the mentor program sponsored by Valley Center of the Deaf, contributes to the professional quality and success of the interpreting assignment. Valley Center of the Deaf demonstrates its commitment to the community by providing opportunities for professional development for both experienced interpreters, as well as students of the profession. VCD periodically offers free or affordable workshops for interpreters to gain new information and earn cues for their certification and licensing requirements. Every year, VCD accepts multiple interpreting students for varying levels of support, from observational opportunities for class credit to practicum experiences and full time internships. These students benefit from these programs by working with VCD mentors.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I interpret for you, will you withhold taxes or reimburse my expenses?

You will be an independent contractor and the relationship between VCD and Contractor will not be employer and employee. You will not be an employee of VCD for tax purposes or any other purposes and shall have no right to any benefits provided by VCD to its employees. You will not be reimbursed for any expenses, unless they are specifically negotiated for jobs outside of a 30 mile radius from VCD.

If I am a contractor with VCD, can I also interpret for other agencies?

This Agreement is nonexclusive. VCD does not agree to use you exclusively as VCD contracts with other interpreters. You are free to provide the same and similar services to individuals and entities other than VCD.

What are the eligibility requirements of interpreters working through VCD?

All interpreters must hold a valid Arizona License to interpret. VCD utilizes Generalist and Provisional interpreters as outlined by state statute.

How do you determine rates of pay for interpreters?

As independent contractors, interpreters are welcome to propose their standard rates of pay. VCD has rate caps that are determined by budgetary constraints and are approved by advisory board members who represent the Deaf community. Rate caps take into consideration the interpreterís certification, education, experience, and any areas of specialty. Contact VCD's Interpreting Department for more details.

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For interpreters who need more information, please refer to our Intepreter Resources section.

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