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Requests for emergency interpreting services cannot submitted online.

Explanation of Services

Valley Center of the Deaf offers many services for our clients. The following describes our services:

  • ASL Interpreting - Interpreting for Deaf individuals who use sign language
  • Deaf Blind Interpreting - Specialized interpreting for Deaf person who are also blind or have special vision requirements
  • Deaf Relay Interpreting - A service that is in addition to standard interpreting, for clients who have special language requirements
  • Legal ASL Interpreting - Interpreter for settings which include legal concepts and terminology
  • Video Interpreting - Interpreting provided through videoconferencing technology, rather than onsite interpreter

Policies & Procedures

Minimum Charges

  • A minimum of two hours is required for each assignment and each interpreter
  • All partial hours will be rounded to the nearest half hour.

Multiple/Team Interpreting Guidelines

  • Requests lasting more than 60 minutes may require two interpreters depending on the content and lecture style of the presenter.


  • All assignments with more than 48 hours notice from the start of the assignment will result in no charge to the responsible paying entity.
  • All assignments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice from the start of the assignment will be charged the full requested time.

Client "No Shows"

  • When an interpreter arrives at an assignment and the deaf consumer is absent, the entity responsible for the payment will be charged for the requested time of services.

Requesting an Interpreter

  • Requesting Procedure An interpreter request can be made via telephone, email, or logging into our website at
  • Phone - An authorized requestor will call (602) 267-1921 and speak with a scheduler to request an interpreter.
  • E-mail - An authorized requestor will email the request to
  • Website - An authorized requestor will go to our website, click "Request an Interpreter", and complete the online form.

Scheduling Process

  1. The requestor will provide the location of the appointment, time, authorized contact person, name of the client and any specific details pertinent to the assignment.
  2. The scheduler then matches the appropriate interpreter with the assignment by using Valley Center of the Deaf's scheduling software.
  3. The assignment is sent to the interpreter's email and their personal virtual office system provided by Valley Center of the Deaf.
  4. The requestor is notified by email and/or phone the name of the assigned interpreters.
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